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ICAO's deal was seen as not being ambitious enough by the European Parliament, which along with member states, will have to approve the EU exemption proposal. It will also be reviewed by the European Commission as details on the implementation of the UN scheme become clear. The fate of the emissions trading system (ETS) covering flights within Europe will also be assessed in the review, EU officials said, adding that all options were on the table, including dismantling it once the global system is in place to avoid double counting for flights within the bloc. "The European Union is now focused on getting the global scheme up and running. We are serious about achieving carbon neutral growth for aviation worldwide, and we will provide technical support to make it happen," Violeta Bulc, the EU's transport commissioner, said. The EU had ordered carriers to buy credits for foreign flights under its ETS in 2012 but backtracked when countries said it violated their sovereignty and China threatened to cancel plane orders from Airbus Group. Airlines for Europe (A4E) which represents Ryanair, easyJet, Lufthansa, Air France KLM and British Airways owner International Airlines Group, and others said it expected the ICAO scheme to be the only measure for tackling carbon emissions within the bloc as of 2021. "This proposal provides certainty for European operators enabling them to focus their efforts on the implementation of the global deal to effectively tackle climate change," Thomas Reynaert, A4Es Managing Director, said. Under the ETS emissions are capped, whereas the ICAO deal allows carriers to increase them without limit as long as they offset them with carbon credits from environmental projects.

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